Day 8 Photoshop



On this assignment I worked on using the Transform options. I moved two other pictures onto the pink/blue image. I cropped the images to make the background larger. Then, I opened the Transform options, then i turned the singular donut layer into a smart object, I also did the same with the pink/blue layer donuts. I used the transform options, clicked the first checkmark on the options and rotated both images. If you are rotating an image and hit shift, it will make sure it aligns perfectly maybe at a 90 degree. I used the rectangular marquee tool to make sure the bottom image was aligned straight. I put the pink/blue layer over the singular donut and made sure to use the transform tools to keep it aligned. There was a spot that wasn’t blue all at the top so I had to use the eyedropper tool to select the blue and color in the spot that was off. Then I made the logo. I used the text layer options and wrote “Donuts” I used the Elliptical Marquee tool and i selected around the O of the Donuts and clicked shift delete and chose black which erased the O. I pressed up to Select All and I was Able to make sure the donut was aligned with the other letters. Lastly, I made another text Emma Mae’s and I also aligned it with the word Donuts. I grouped all the logo, Donuts, and Emma Mae’s so I could all together align them.

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