about me

My Creative Type= The Dreamer

My name is Alexa Nieto and I like to draw in my free time. I still don’t know what I want to do when I get out of school , but I know that I want to do something that gives me the opportunity to show off my art. I am currently in Little Elm High school in Graphic Design and also in Animation 1, I enjoy these classes because I will have the chance to make art. I’m still unsure of a school to attend once I finish High School, but I want to make sure I take Art classes. I mainly like drawing cartoon or anime characters. I prefer to think about stuff with my head, but now and then I use the internet to inspire me. I think my weakness is drawing realistic things, since it’s not really my art style, I prefer to do more cute and fun art. I could see myself making a children’s cartoon show or book. I think Graphic design gives me the opportunity to learn and be creative. I hope that others enjoy my art just as I enjoy it.

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