Day 9 Photoshop



On this assignment, I worked on learning the different ways to use brush besides using the basic way. I can change the opacity of the brush which will make it blend more or will create a lighter shade. If you keep the opacity to 100% the color will show 100% so it will be more bold. Changing the flow percentage also does something similar. I also made two curve layers and inverted them, one was to ass a lighter color to the grass and the other was to add darker color to the areas I wanted. I used the brush tool on the layer mask to change the color. Then I made a cloud brush, first I made the levels dark which lightened the back of the cloud, next I desaturated the cloud, then inverted it, next I changed the levels to whiten the background of the cloud, and lastly I changed the image size to a smaller one. Then, I changes the brush settings, changing the shape dynamic, scattering, and transfer. Next I made sure to save my new brush and next went to all the other brushes and selected new brush preset and selected the new one so now I can use whenever I want. Lastly, I actually applied the cloud brush and colored around the sky so it looks foggy but made sure to keep the flow at around 20%.

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