Day 13 Photoshop



On this assignment , I learned how to edit non destructively with smart objects. First, I added all the images on the bride and groom image. I right clicked on each layer and applied a smart object selection. It keeps all of the image’s information even if you change size. I used the crop tool to make the area I’m working with larger. Then, I went to the 1st layer(bride and groom) selected the rectangular marquee tool and selected an empty space as the other layers were turned invisible. Then I shift selected the other 3 images, grouped them and added a layer mask. This made them only be in the rectangular marquee area I selected. I then placed all 3 layers and aligned them next to the 1st layer. I then used the rectangular marquee tool and shift deleted and filled with white, then I clicked ctrl J to copy and I added more white borders. Then, on the 1st layer, I right clicked and selected rasterize layer, then to filter, sharpen and changed the sharpen controls to Amount: 46 and Radius:3.9. Then I pressed Alt and selected that circle filter logo on the layer and applied it to the other images/.

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