Day 11 Photoshop



On this assignment, I learned how to add text to a photo. First, I used the horizontal type tool and wrote “IQ” which is going to be the name of this “magazine”. On the properties, I had many options for the text. I made sure I had the correct fonts so I searched up Adobe Fonts and downloaded the Lato font and I used the black Lato which was the thickest. I made the IQ larger and i changed the VA to -75. I used the magic wand tool and selected the background and used shift select to add all the background. I used a layer mask and I unlinked the text and mask that made me be able to move the logo without cutting it.\

I made another text layer “Style in the city”, made it smaller, made the paragraph center, changed the VA to 50. Then I used select all and aligned the text to the whole document at the bottom. Then, I made another text layer “A gentlemen’s guide to fashion” and put it under style in the city. I also changed the font Lato Regular which looked smaller than style in the city. I used select all again to align this new text layer. I then made a color fill layer and used black, but then I inverted it. then, I used the rectangular marquee tool and made a rectangle on the bottom text layers. I did Shift delete and filled it with white on the layer mask. I moved the color fill layer under style in the city, which made the letters visible over the rectangle. I double clicked the solid color and used the eye dropper tool to select a dark brown on the man’s coat and inserted it on the rectangle. Then I changed the opacity of the rectangle which made it more transparent, but the brown was still visible.

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