Day 3 Photoshop



On this assignment (day 3 in photoshop), I learned how to work non-destructively with layers. The first thing I did was change the Hue of the smallest orange. I did this to make it into a lime. Then I used the clone stamp tool and traced an orange and stamped another orange in a different location. I made the new orange smaller and used the warp tool and changed the shape of the orange to make it different than the original one. Then, I used the brush tool to erase the parts I accidentally cloned. The white colored brush erased things and black brush added things. Next, I created a text layer and wrote the word Citrus. I made it large enough and placed it on the bottom. Again, I used the white brush to erase the pomegranate pieces over the letters and the orange covering the letter C. Overall, this assignment was like the first one, it wasn’t difficult and was pretty easy to follow.

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